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Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development | Sarajevo Study Trip

Sarajevo Study Trip

The Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development invites students from SAIS Europe of the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Bologna to participate in a four-day study trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina during the January semester recess (January 18-23, 2020).

The aim of the study trip is to give students the opportunity to meet with representatives of organizations currently engaged in post-conflict reconstruction, human rights issues and democratic development. The study trip will present to students some of the challenges involved in a real world post-conflict situation.

Spaces have been limited to 20 participants. Tentatively, 10 spots are available for SAIS Europe students, and 10 spots are available for the University of Bologna students.

A preliminary information session will be held in October in the SAIS Penthouse (Via Beniamino Andreatta 3, Bologna, Italy). Everyone interested in being selected for the trip is strongly encouraged to attend, as all relevant information regarding the application procedure will be provided during the meeting.

Click here for more information on Bosnia-Herzegovina (history, selected readings, relevant websites.)

The Estimated Total Cost of the Trip: 350-450 euro. A 100 euro deposit is required: SAIS Europe students will give the deposit to the business office while students from the University of Bologna will give it to the CCSDD; the deposit will be refunded after completion of the trip. Students will be responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements in Sarajevo.

Please note, we reserve the right to make slight changes to the program of visits.

For more information about the Study Trip, please contact Carna Pistan (

A preliminary information session will be held in October in the SAIS Penthouse (Via Beniamino Andreatta 3, Bologna, Italy)

How to Apply

Complete the application form and send it, along with your resume to Carna Pistan ( by November 30th, 2019. 

Confirmation deadline: selected candidates will have to confirm their participation and pay the deposit of 100 euro by December 15, 2019. 

Key Criteria for Application Evaluation

Past Trips

Meetings with leaders from the following organizations took place during the 2015 Study Trip:

  • Court of BiH
  • Constitutional Court of BiH
  • World Bank
  • Women of Srebrenica Association
  • European Union Delegation
  • OSCE
  • UNDP


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