The Center for Constitutional Development and Democratic Studies funds and assists the organization of The Azadi Project aiming to empower refugee women and girls in Europe to facilitate their integration into host communities and local labour markets.

Azadi means freedom or liberation in Hindi, Urdu and Farsi. The Azadi project is based on the principles of freedom, integration and dignity. By offering digital skills, Azadi helps female refugees to pursue educational or employment opportunities that contribute to their future livelihoods - beyond the borders where they come from and where they currently reside.

In the fourth year of the so-called ‘migration crisis’, there are 50,000 refugees waiting for reunification or final asylum approval in Greece – more than half of them women and children. Almost no facilities or programs exist at camps that help them constructively use their time of waiting or actively prevent their risk of exposure to traffickers, smuggling networks and prostitution.

The Azadi Project seeks to help refugee women and girls by teaching digital skills that facilitate their integration into the local labor force. These skills will also help them to be viewed as productive members of their new host communities and start building self-sufficient livelihoods. Azadi helps achieve this by providing digitally employable skills and then connecting its participants to local organizations for internships and employment.

The first workshop will take place in Athens from 17 – 28 September 2018. In cooperation with Melissa, the network for migrant women in Greece, ten women and girls will participate in the training. After successfully completing the workshop, the participants will graduate with a certificate issued by the CCSDD.

If you want to participate or get involved with Azadi please click here or send an email to theazadiproject@gmail.com or info@ccsdd.org.


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