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2024 Edition
June 30 - July 6
Petrovac, Montenegro

After 21 years in which 550 students and scholars from 35 countries have attended the European Union & Legal Reform Summer School, the CCSDD is pleased to announce that the 2024 edition of the EULR is back in Montenegro and will be held in Petrovac.




2024 Edition

June 30 - July 6 (Participants' arrival and departure), Lectures: 1-5 July.

Where: Petrovac, Montenegro

Application deadline: May 1st (Extended deadline - May 12th)

To whom: final-year undergraduate students and graduate students in Law and Political Science, as well as young professionals and scholars.


Summer school program coming soon!

You can view the EULR 2023 program here.

Experience Petrovac

Petrovac is a seaside town part of Budva, Montenegro. It is well-known for its pebble beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning bay views. The city has a lengthy history, reaching back to Roman times, and is distinguished by a blend of antique and modern buildings. The principal attractions are the ancient church of St Nicholas, the Reževići monastery, and the stronghold of New Castle, located on the hill above the city. Petrovac can be easily reached by train or bus (nearest airports are in Podgorica and Tivat).


Am I eligible to apply?

The summer school is open to final-year undergraduate students and graduate students in Law and Political Science, as well as to young professionals and scholars. Our ideal candidate will have a solid background knowledge in European Law and an understanding of the mechanisms of EU enlargement.

What is the application process?

To apply for the Summer School, please fill out the application form. The CCSDD does not accept any additional materials such as CVs, recommendation letters etc.

What are the costs of participation?

The full cost of tuition, accommodation in double room and food during the time of the summer school is 1000,00 EUR. We do, however, offer a number of partial and full scholarships. While selection of applicants will be based on the academic merit of the applications, those willing to bear the participation costs fully or partially will be preferred in case of equally strong applications.

What does the program of the summer school look like?

The primary activities consist of lectures and roundtable discussions. Every year we also organize a boat trip and a visit to cultural sites. To get a better idea of what to expect, you can visit our Facebook page.

When will I be notified about the selection results?

You will be notified about the selection results by May 15th.

Project Goals & Vision

The vision of the EU & Legal Reform Summer School is to create a dynamic network of scholars and practitioners who will work to enact critical reforms as the EU expands. For the past 21 years we have worked towards this goal in two ways:

Here at the CCSDD, we believe that for true integration into the European Union to take place, European law needs to be fully incorporated into every aspect of domestic legislation. In order to harmonize the current South Eastern European legal systems with those of EU countries, as well as cultivate groundbreaking legal thinking, it is essential to develop, train, and disseminate innovative teaching methods to young academics. In so doing, we can create a new generation of receptive and open-minded lawyers and political scientists who will play a critical role in the process of reform.


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