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European Union and Legal Reform Summer School

2015 Edition: 12 - 17 July

Summer School Fee: 600,00 €

 The application deadline: 15 May 2015


The year of 2015 marks a special year for the European Union which finds itself facing many new challenges and new prospects. What direction is the EU heading today? And what did the big enlargement mean for the Western Balkans?

Other issues that particularly intrigue us jurists include movements toward independence, such as the Scottish referendum, the EU's relationship with its eastern neighbors, the economic crisis, and how constitutional courts have impacted the transition toward democracy. Is there a viable solution for EU integration of Serbia and relations with Kosovo? How has the European Economic Constitution transformed through the financial crisis? Have we observed positive improvements in minority protection in the Western Balkans?

This year's edition of the Summer School will explore some of these issues and bring them in the context of the EU enlargement effort.