Located on the slopes of Mount Orjen, Igalo is regionally famous for the "DR Simo Milošević" Institute, a Mediterranean themed health spa which formerly attracted many tourists. Though the effects of the Yugoslav Wars limited Igalo's attractiveness as a tourist destination, it nonetheless remains a popular resort for tourists from the surrounding region.

The CCSDD elected it as the Summer School venue due to these very characteristics. Between 2003 and 2011, the CCSDD witnessed the independence of Montenegro and its progress towards European integration. The Summer School has devoted great attention to the constitutional and legal reforms that have occurred in Montenegro over the years, and the CCSDD remains eager to continue this fruitful partnership with the country that is enhancing its relationship with the European Union. Witnessing the process that will hopefully lead to the accession of Montenegro to the EU represents an important asset for a program which has enlargement as its main focus.

Finally, it should be underlined that Igalo represents a strategic location as it enshrines the European Union and Legal Reform Summer School spirit and mission of building bridges between the Montenegrin and Italian Adriatic shores.   


Practical information:


If accepted, you may need to secure a VISA for entry into the Republic of Montenegro. Info on visa requirements can be found on the official web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro.

Transit Visa: All participants are required to find out individually whether they need a transit visa to reach Montenegro. Whenever so, they must promptly inform the Summer School Coordinators.

Information required by Summer School coordinators to issue a letter of invitation to all participants who need an entry visa:

Name, Last Name, Birthdate and Birthplace, Passport Number, Passport expiry date, Passport date of issue.


The Summer School Program will take place at HOTEL "SIMO MILOSEVIC" (located inside the Medical and Wellness Center):

Institute "Dr Simo Milosevic" A.D.


85347 IGALO

MONTENEGRO - MNE